Complete Energy Systems
Realizing Energy Solutions

that are

Economically and

Environmentally Sustainable
Complete Energy Systems™ Inc (CES) identifies renewable energy opportunities that are technologically and commercially viable. Through our research and strategic partnerships we create businesses that bring to market renewable energy products that are manufactured locally; fulfilling our commitment to job creation and local economies. CES is aggressively pursuing this through two subsidiary divisions: Green World Systems (GWS) and Atlantic Solar (Atlantic Solar). CES provides strategic direction, technological, scientific and business expertise to these ventures. More information about CES can be found on the "about us" page.

Green World Systems Green World Systems™ (GWS) manufactures renewable energy solutions for locations that are “off the grid” either temporarily due to acts of nature or permanently because of geographic or economic limitations. These solutions include electric power generated from the sun and wind, efficient LED lighting, water purification, and solar thermal cooking. Because more than 1.7 billion people live without access to an electric power grid, they burn carbon fuels like diesel and kerosene to produce electricity, light and heat and clear cut forests to create charcoal for cooking. GWS provides cost effective alternatives. Please visit the GWS home page for more information about this exciting and innovative venture.

Alantic Solar Atlantic Solar™  was established to be a world class manufacturer of Photovoltaic (PV) modules. We are committed to manufacturing state of the art PV modules using the most efficient and highest quality materials possible. Our focus is on the development of local manufacturing in Texas and throughout the United States. More information is available on the Atlantic Solar home page.